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Prakash Nagabushanam

IIM Bangalore Alumni

Successful first generation Entrepreneur


Golf enthusiast and player


First Generation Entrepreneur who grew the green field software business from scratch to Multi-Million dollars in annual sales. His venture was acquired by one of India's top IT vendor in Jan 2016

Result driven individual, his focus has been on establishing robustness and operational efficiency in the banking industry by effective use of technology, in his career as a banker, as an information technology practitioner, and as a successful entrepreneur who has developed software for financial inclusion for the unbanked population of the world.

In the last decade he had created a greenfield business leading to value creation and employment generation resulting in financial and societal impact for stakeholders. His operating philosophy of a “fair and equitable approach” defines him as a person.

A strong combination of domain expertise in banking, management consulting, information technology, project management has helped him in large scale governance, mitigating risks, issue management, conflict resolution, cost control, stakeholder communication while working under multiple constraints.


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