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Youth Impact

Youth Impact is envisaged to be the world's largest Youth mentoring program. 

Why Youth Impact?

Youngsters, 10 to 24 years of age, often find themselves at the crossroads, where they need to make important life choices related to Education, Career and Personal matters. Those from well-to-do families have the opportunity to seek right guidance from parents or from other family members who are knowledgeable and successful. On the other hand youngsters from underprivileged and weaker sections have no such support system. They have no one to guide and they do not have a social network to contact and seek help.


Youth Impact is the social project which provides a solution to the above mentioned problems. Mentors enrolled with Youth Impact project come from diverse fields and are highly qualified and experienced. They have seen success in their professions and are well trained to mentor youngsters. Youth Impact provides a platform where youngsters can benefit by interacting with their mentors and subject experts. 

Virtual Conference

Youth Impact -Details

  • For Urban and Rural Youth

  •  Both Online and Offline modes

  • One-to-one and Group mentoring

  • 6 to 12 months program as per need

  • 3 to 4 hours per month

  • 36 to 50 hours per annum

  • Single / multiple mentors as required

  •  Mentors help with Life skills, Career counselling, Education, Motivation and Interpersonal issues.

  • Experts from Health, Education and Work Skills would also advise.

  • Long term impact - better communication, better education, better career, better remuneration, better interactions, better social networks, and better life.


In the world's largest Youth Mentoring program

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